शनिवार, एप्रिल 1, 2023

About US

This site is News website based in India, We have Group of News website in different languages. We want to help with the situation of Journalism in our Country. As the standards of Mainstream Media falling day by day. We Plan to main the Standard of Journalism in Small platforms. 

Our Website comes under the Gharat’s News Platform Private Limited. Company which is a News Platform Company owning all the sites of our network. 

The GNP is main title of our websites. We have code about the our news. We never post unverified news from our trusted source. Our website has Telegram channel. Many version of this site are available in different languages. 

I hope we can serve you well in term of news service.

thank your support. Keep reading Jai hind Jai Maharashtra thank you once again. 

– The GNP 

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